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Sesquicentennial State Park (Day 3)

Yup, day 3… I have sucked at video blogging the work I have completed on the trailer. I had so much to do, some of it was fixing the web site, that I kind of lost track of things. I have taken a few pictures and one of the installs was the camera system,…

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Plans Changed

Pushing my trip to Sesquicentennial State Park out another week due to weather. With how incredible the weather had been, I planned to be out this next week but to my surprise, it snowed today and the temps are far below what I wanted for the work on the camper. If you are interested in…

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New Samitch

I am always messing around with some new sandwich of dinner ideas. Tonight’s was a bit strange but OMG, the flavors and textures were incredible…   Wheat bread toasted with a coating of Hellmann’s mayo. Roasted chicken pulled apart and re-heated in sweet baby Rays BBQ “Honey” 5 slices of bacon A dusting of blue…

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