New Samitch

I am always messing around with some new sandwich of dinner ideas. Tonight’s was a bit strange but OMG, the flavors and textures were incredible…   Wheat bread toasted with a coating of Hellmann’s mayo. Roasted chicken pulled apart and re-heated in sweet baby Rays BBQ “Honey” 5 slices of bacon A dusting of blue…

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Low quality pictures and videos

For those of you following… I apologize for the crappy small pictures with low quality. I installed an application on the web site that optimizes pictures and videos, in the process, it takes away the quality and makes them look like crap. I have removed this application and hopefully my next set of pictures or…

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Cold Drone Day

All the bread and milk was sold out with the worries of winter weather. Not something were used to coming from Chicagoland but over the years of being here, we have gotten use to it. Even tho there was a state of emergency and the governor wanted people to stay off the streets, we packed…

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Lookie lookie what my babydoll bought me for Christmas!!! Yup, this will be hanging outside our camper when we are our exploring… I LOVE it!!! Of course, I am going to design a holder for it but this is a GREAT new addition!!!!  Once I find out who and where she got this, I will…

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Winterized and secured for the winter

As most of you know, we winterized Freedom and parked her at the storage lot last month. I’ve made a point at randomly dropping in to check on her and ensure we don’t have any issues. Even though there are security cameras where she is stored, they had a break in a the month we…

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Gone and drone it

First Flight, First Youtube upload Well, in that title I should have said, first blog post too since this is the very first post here. This is the Typhoon H with Real sense, and let me tell you, this thing is kewl! First let me say that I have owned many drones, RC helicopters and…

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