Sesquicentennial State Park (Day 3)

Yup, day 3… I have sucked at video blogging the work I have completed on the trailer. I had so much to do, some of it was fixing the OurXploring.com web site, that I kind of lost track of things. I have taken a few pictures and one of the installs was the camera system, an Arlo system that seems to work perfectly. Tomorrow I am planning to replace the 12 volt car battery that powers the system with two solar batteries, fun fun.  See the camera capture below?




Plans Changed

Pushing my trip to Sesquicentennial State Park out another week due to weather. With how incredible the weather had been, I planned to be out this next week but to my surprise, it snowed today and the temps are far below what I wanted for the work on the camper. If you are interested in the park just follow the link by clicking on the name above. Rogue has been depressed all day, cannot say I blame him.

New Samitch

I am always messing around with some new sandwich of dinner ideas. Tonight’s was a bit strange but OMG, the flavors and textures were incredible…


  • Wheat bread toasted with a coating of Hellmann’s mayo.
  • Roasted chicken pulled apart and re-heated in sweet baby Rays BBQ “Honey”
  • 5 slices of bacon
  • A dusting of blue cheese
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Sliced tomato

I know it may not sound good to you but it was incredible, the combination of flavors was over the top. Yup, I make all kinds of interesting sandwiches and yes, I will eat almost anything.

Low quality pictures and videos

For those of you following… I apologize for the crappy small pictures with low quality. I installed an application on the web site that optimizes pictures and videos, in the process, it takes away the quality and makes them look like crap. I have removed this application and hopefully my next set of pictures or videos will be a LOT better…

Fishing and target practice

Took the day off today, incredible 70-degree day, perfect for fishing and killing a few targets. I started out at the Chester state park, they have a wonderful lake but the fishing sucked! From there I drove up to Leeds rifle range and had some fun. A short ride down the road to Woods Ferry for more fishing at the Broad river. Not a bad day, of course I am back home now and working on a few issues at the office. Never fails, take a day off and spend half of it working anyways….


Camping – March 13 through 19, 2017

Where: Sesquicentennial State Park, Columbia SC Park Website

For our first camping trip of the year we are planning a week at Sesquicentennial State Park. Well actually Rogue and I are planning the week, my wife will join for the weekend ending the trip. For Rogue and I, we plan to spend the very early mornings fishing at the lake and the afternoons working on upgrades and maintenance to the camper. Nights will be cooking out and enjoying the fire.


  • Our black tank sensor is showing 3/4 full all the time.. Its dirty business but someone has to clean them. Good thing I have the tools for the project


  • Adding 4 100Watt solar panels along with all of the other hardware needed, yup, this one is going to take some work!!!
  • Replacing the shower head with one of those nice new higher pressure units
  • and a ton more!!!

Interested in camping with us for the week? Feel free to book a site and shoot us an email. We will be in Loop 1, if you can get a site in that loop, you will be close.


Everyday Carry

I was digging through some camera gear and found a sim card that had a few pictures on it. The one picture I kept was taken for a twitter posting I did, just a reply to a group about everyday carry. You know, that crap that is always in your pocket. Decided to share that here, the gear has changed but its still the same basic stuff. Throw back Thursday kind of stuff… 

Keys, 40S&W with extra ammo, pen, note pad, phone and knife… Pretty simple stuff.. I was missing the hide away holster in the picture but you get the idea.

Cold Drone Day

All the bread and milk was sold out with the worries of winter weather. Not something were used to coming from Chicagoland but over the years of being here, we have gotten use to it. Even tho there was a state of emergency and the governor wanted people to stay off the streets, we packed up and hit the grocery store as per normal. Not a drop of ice on the ground, no snow in site. Of course it snowed a bit this morning after we got back but even that is gone. So, what do you do on a day like this… Take the drone out… Just a couple pictures so far from the DJI Mavic so far. I am still learning how to fly but this baby is kewl!!





Woods Ferry (SC)

If you are looking for a GREAT little place to pitch a tent and spend some quiet time out in the wilderness, this incredible park is the place. It is FAR off the beaten path and takes some times to get to but that seems to keep this little piece of heaven off the radar. Be sure to bring enough with you because the ride back into town is about twenty minutes!!!


Tent camping along with horse stalls and watering stations are in the primary loop and that loop also looks like it could handle a few campers or RV’s but this is NOT a full hookup location and most of the sites are well shaded, so solar might be out of the question. We camped here for several years, I LOVED this place when we were tent camping. The rifle range is about 3 miles away “Leeds Rifle Range” making it a great place for all your prepping needs.


Couple bits of advice:

  1. Remember to pull in with enough food and gear to last, the drive to town sucks
  2. Bathrooms and showers are available, a bit outdated but still very functional and clean.
  3. I never caught a fish from this river but a few of my friends found it to be a great fishing location
  4. There is a boat launch although it didn’t look great
  5. Water spigots are located near most of the camping sites but several of my visits, notes were on the spigots letting you know that the water was not good for consumption. I think they fixed this but you will want to confirm for yourself.
  6. Be careful with the trails, some of them are very poorly marked and a few circles back on themselves.


As stated, I LOVED this place when we were tent camping. We stopped going here when we upgraded to the camper since they do NOT have a dump station and the water was questionable. However, if your tent camping and looking for a place to be alone, this is an incredible place to find yourself, or lose yourself…

Source: Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests – Woods Ferry Recreation Area


Lookie lookie what my babydoll bought me for Christmas!!! Yup, this will be hanging outside our camper when we are our exploring… I LOVE it!!! Of course, I am going to design a holder for it but this is a GREAT new addition!!!!  Once I find out who and where she got this, I will pass it along in our recommendations area 🙂  Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Typhoon Wreck and Aftermath!

Those of you waiting to see the Typhoon H wreck and aftermath, here you go!

Winterized and secured for the winter

As most of you know, we winterized Freedom and parked her at the storage lot last month. I’ve made a point at randomly dropping in to check on her and ensure we don’t have any issues. Even though there are security cameras where she is stored, they had a break in a the month we started storing there and that made me worry. So I am dropping and and checking on her at least once a week, so far, so good. This being our first year with her, a 2016 Freedom Express 28 foot camper, I guess we are babying her a bit. Jumping from a 4 man tent to this wonderful solution has brought life back into camping for us. It has also provided me with TONS of new projects like adding solar, adding custom DVR and wireless solutions etc. Yeah, the geek in me comes out and with that, you get to see the work. Of course, we need the weather to warm up again!!!

Gone and drone it

First Flight, First Youtube upload

Well, in that title I should have said, first blog post too since this is the very first post here. This is the Typhoon H with Real sense, and let me tell you, this thing is kewl! First let me say that I have owned many drones, RC helicopters and a few RC cars but none compare to this. In the video, all I did was lift off to just above the house and let it hover and hover it did! Due to sunset being 5:12 PM, its hard to get time to fly but wow, this first flight impressed the hell out of me.


I will have more raw footage this weekend, after I go out to have some real fun with it.

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