Winterized and secured for the winter

As most of you know, we winterized Freedom and parked her at the storage lot last month. I’ve made a point at randomly dropping in to check on her and ensure we don’t have any issues. Even though there are security cameras where she is stored, they had a break in a the month we started storing there and that made me worry. So I am dropping and and checking on her at least once a week, so far, so good. This being our first year with her, a 2016 Freedom Express 28 foot camper, I guess we are babying her a bit. Jumping from a 4 man tent to this wonderful solution has brought life back into camping for us. It has also provided me with TONS of new projects like adding solar, adding custom DVR and wireless solutions etc. Yeah, the geek in me comes out and with that, you get to see the work. Of course, we need the weather to warm up again!!!

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