Woods Ferry (SC)

If you are looking for a GREAT little place to pitch a tent and spend some quiet time out in the wilderness, this incredible park is the place. It is FAR off the beaten path and takes some times to get to but that seems to keep this little piece of heaven off the radar. Be sure to bring enough with you because the ride back into town is about twenty minutes!!!


Tent camping along with horse stalls and watering stations are in the primary loop and that loop also looks like it could handle a few campers or RV’s but this is NOT a full hookup location and most of the sites are well shaded, so solar might be out of the question. We camped here for several years, I LOVED this place when we were tent camping. The rifle range is about 3 miles away “Leeds Rifle Range” making it a great place for all your prepping needs.


Couple bits of advice:

  1. Remember to pull in with enough food and gear to last, the drive to town sucks
  2. Bathrooms and showers are available, a bit outdated but still very functional and clean.
  3. I never caught a fish from this river but a few of my friends found it to be a great fishing location
  4. There is a boat launch although it didn’t look great
  5. Water spigots are located near most of the camping sites but several of my visits, notes were on the spigots letting you know that the water was not good for consumption. I think they fixed this but you will want to confirm for yourself.
  6. Be careful with the trails, some of them are very poorly marked and a few circles back on themselves.


As stated, I LOVED this place when we were tent camping. We stopped going here when we upgraded to the camper since they do NOT have a dump station and the water was questionable. However, if your tent camping and looking for a place to be alone, this is an incredible place to find yourself, or lose yourself…

Source: Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests – Woods Ferry Recreation Area

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